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About Us

eCommune, is a product offering from MobiCom, licensing customized white labeled MobileApp and Web Portal, that addresses the need of medium and large membership based clubs. The licensed products will provide an effective interactive platform to enable the clubs to manage their membership account , facilities booking, online & e-commerce transactions, networking & notifications in order to overall deliver a digital experience to the club lifestyle.

The eCommune eco-system products will support inter-club interactions alongside primary transactions which effectively increases the footprint and thereby the revenue of the club in the form of events, activities, sponsorships, fund raising, promotions, etc. on a larger scale to a global audience leading to an interactive life in a community.

Why eCommune

We will revolutionize your Club & the Community experience by providing:

  • Club & Member Connect, Communicate & conduct Commerce through your customized MobileApp & Web Portal
  • An engagement and networking 'ecosystem' among the clubs and its members, worldwide
  • An aspirational network of club community benefiting the club members
  • Generate revenues from sponsorship, fund raising and membership sales to a global audience
  • Drive promotions, events, activities and engagements for its communities

Our Clients

We love clubs and are eager to create an ecosystem that every club can use to increase their global footprint. Our family of Member Communities are growing every day.

Here are some of the clubs that are already a part of eCommune:

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  • The club must be registered in the country they have a presence in and have a physical location with infrastructure & facilities
  • The club should have a minimum membership of 500 members
  • The club must have a bank account and execute documentation required by the payment gateway service provider
  • The club should have a team in charge of operations who can manage and update the content in the MobileApp and Web Portal